Prepare to feel all the rage at Buzzfeed/America this morning, as they made the Americans in their office taste 'Irish' food. We wouldn't be so annoyed by their reactions if they had at least gotten some basis right but this is a whole world of fail.

First things first Buzzfeed, that music is offensive. Secondly, those aren't even real Tayto crisps, they're some fake-ass wannabe Taytos. Thirdly, are those 'Jam Mallows' supposed to be Jacob's Mikados? Because we all know the branding and that Mikados are delicious so that's a fail. Fourthly: Turkish Delight flavoured Cadbury chocolate? Who in the hell told you that was Irish. The clue is in the name guys. And finally, it's not 'Blood Sausage', it's black pudding. But congrats for at least getting that that one's delicious.

In short Buzzfeed, Irish food is delicious, you're whole video is null and void. Thank you and goodbye.