A-level results and internet fame all in one day. This is a lesson to us all in carpe-ing the hell of your results day.

Britain's version of Leaving Cert results day takes over their airwaves as much as ours does and while most of the conversation here tends to be celebrating students who got 600 points and older generations going on Twitter and telling everyone that it doesn't matter what they got when the people getting their results couldn't actually care less about their "advice", A-level results day in the UK involves live school visits from the likes of 'Good Morning Britain' and necking booze on the sly.

Yes, that is a teenager swigging from a hip flask at 8am.

18-year-old James White says he was drinking Amaretto as 'Good Morning Britain' visited his school in Wigan, and later told the Mail: "Some of my mates knew I was doing it, but it was my idea. I thought it would be funny."

"I was pessimistic about my results, so took the flask to ease the tension should I do badly," he said. "I didn't want the presenter (or anyone else) to feel uncomfortable if I got 3 U's."

He actually got 2 As and 2 Bs so there was no need for worry, although if we were his parents we'd caution him about the habit of boozing so early in the day.

It's a marathon, not a sprint, James.