Every bride and groom have nerves on their wedding day, but this guy's clumsy wedding vows hilariously take the (wedding) cake. 

Standing up in front of friends and family to declare your undying love for your significant other is a special occasion for any couple, but it's also a very stressful situation that can lead to you being a bit flustered.

That's exactly what happened to Andrew, the loving groom in this wedding video, who just about managed to get his vows out, with no small amount of trouble, including saying that he took his bride to be his "waffley wedded wife".

To be fair to her, she found it funnier than anyone else, and it's probably nothing more than a hugely embarrassing story for Andrew now. The video itself was filmed in 2009, but recently started trending and has gone viral in the last few days, racking up millions of extra views, leaving it with nearly 6 million views at time of writing. 

Via Newstalk.ie