In the run up to the Golden Globes, SAGs, Grammys and Oscars, as well as all the other non-awards that take place over the next eight weeks, prepare to see all your favourite accolade-hungry celebs coming out of the woodwork on every available talkshow, red carpet and ribbon cutting, doing everything they can to endear themselves with the public and the people voting on their categories.

Case in point, Bradley Cooper, who is so Oscar-hungry that it's difficult to watch at times (oh hi 'Serena'), but, credit where it's due, he does do a mean air guitar to Neil Young's 'Down By The River'.

As for the wigs, well that's a throwback to the last time he was on The Tonight Show and he and Jimmy failed miserably to get through a segment without convulsing in laughter. Thankfully this time the only thing the fro contributed to was some serious head-bopping.

Via YouTube