Brad Pitt surprised film fans with an appearance at a screening of his latest movie World War Z last night in New Jersey, and the audience freaked out as much as could be expected when Brad Pitt walks into a room unannounced.

Pitt addressing an excited, cheering crowd before the movie began

'Brad wanted to make sure that the screening was for the fans, the people that he made the film for,' a source told JustJared. 'The crowd went wild when he showed up and he had t-shirts to hand out to his fans. He made sure to give New Jersey a big shout out before the movie started!'

'Thank you all for coming out,' he said. 'I know it's late, and we really appreciate it...Today we came out to show the film for the people we made it for—our fans! We said, well there's no other place better than Jersey!' he added. 'We've got T-shirts for everyone, and we've got a massive film for you. It's epic, it's scary as hell, and I guarantee you it's the most intense thing you're gonna see all summer.'

If you're wondering why Pitt put in such an effort, it could be because he has a significant investment in the movie which is rumoured to be the most expensive flop of all time with a $400 million budget and countless reshoots having taken place according to The Guardian and Vanity Fair. Fingers crossed for Brad it goes somewhat smoothly. We don't want to see his pretty face disappearing from the movie screen anytime soon.

Warning: These people get very excited (i.e. LOUD).