It could have been worse. We're not sure how, but it could have been.

E4's new show 'Look Into My Eyes' stars 21-year-old magician/hypnotist Archie Manners as he goes about messing with people's heads and having a jolly good time laughing at their expense and in this preview of the first episode, one girlfriend gets her own back on her other half with a wandering eye.

Poor Scott here has a terrible habit of checking out other women in front of his girlfriend Gemma who is understandably less than impressed by his behaviour, telling the programme makers "He’s a great boyfriend but he does this sly little look when girls go past... he does it all the time". As retribution, Gemma lets Manners hypnotise Scott into lashing out physically every time he makes eyes at someone who isn't Gemma, which unfortunately for Scott turns out to be quite frequently. Cue a lot of head-slapping.

Luckily for Scott, Gemma's the forgiving type, otherwise this could have ended very badly.

Via Viral Thread