It's been over two months since Bowie's death but the tributes are still pouring in. 

Some offered humorous anecdotes about the musical genius while others covered a track from his incredibly extensive back catalog. Chris Martin can now proudly fall into both camps. 

In the immediate aftermath of Bowie's death, the Coldplay front man shared an anecdote about the time Coldplay attempted to recruit Bowie to sing on one of their tracks. The story as told by Will Champion is that:

“We had a sort of David Bowie type character, and I think Chris phoned him up, wrote him a letter and said, ‘Please sing on it.’ And he came back and said, ‘It’s not a very good song, is it?'”

He was very discerning, he wouldn’t just put his name to anything,” Champion continued. “So I’ll give him credit for that.”

The harsh but fair rejection didn't put Martin off Bowie in any case as he proved when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. A Bowie uber fan himself, Fallon sang the vocals to Martin's piano cover of Bowie's 'Life on Mars'. Whether your a fan of Coldplay or indeed Fallon you can't deny there's always beauty in seeing true fans cover the great man. 

Via YouTube