Well, that got our attention.

Jimmy Kimmel Live had a special episode this week in which he teamed up with Bono and (RED) to raise awareness and funds in the fight against AIDS.

They were joined on the show by big names including Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Frozen’s Kristen Bell, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, and Neil Patrick Harris.

While on the show, the guests promoted the campaign (RED) SHOPATHON, which is now in its second year. By donating $10 to the charity, you could be in with a chance to win a fantastic prize, many of which involve big celebs.

They gathered round the piano for a performance of ‘We’re going to Hell’ which Kimmel came up with the title of, while Brandon Flowers penned the rest of the tune.

‘If you don't help people with AIDS, you are going to hell, and that seems like a good enough reason to help alone,’ Bono said. ‘I mean, just think of yourselves.’

You can see the song here. Bono comes out (of a bath tub) at about 4:22..

Surreal yes, but damn the guy’s got presence.

Here Bono talks more about the charity, its campaign and one of its exciting prizes – one of the winners will get to see a completely private performance from U2, a must for fans.

He also auctions off himself and Julia Roberts off for a teatime with one lucky viewer:

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