At this stage I think it's fair to say we should all forget about Hollywood and only watch Indian films.

Bollywood is producing over a 1,000 films a year, and while we can't claim to have seen all that many, we've watched the trailers of about seven films 20,000 times, and they've completely sold us.

But here's a film we definitely will be watching in its entirety, and there's no better time for it with the World cup coming up. Sye, Bollywood's take on rugby, was made back in 2004, and somehow the internet is only finding out about it now, thanks to Reddit.

On Sye's IMDB page, in which it holds a 7.4 rating, the brief synopsis of the film reads, "college students form a Rugby team and play against a violent gang of thugs to get back their college land."

Excellent. Thanks Reddit