"Rather than looking and going 'why is the man in the bag making sense', you go 'why is the man in the suit not making sense?'"

Blindboy Boatclub of The Rubberbandits maintains he only wants to "have a bit of craic", but he's fast becoming a leading spokesperson for mental health among the youth of Ireland today. In conjunction with being a political pundit in the run up to the General Election on the Anton Savage show, he's now been featured in a Channel 4 video on the 1916 Easter Rising, which is currently going viral. 

In it, the Limerick native says: "My generation, we're old enough to remember the Celtic Tiger, but we're massively affected by the recession. Our 20s were stolen from us, pretty much. Young Irish people, the suicide amongst them is massive. Huge amounts of suicide, jumping into rivers, and emigration and a lot of young Irish people, they don't see a future." 

Rubberbandits on 1916 Easter Rising centenary

Why does it take a man with a plastic bag over his face to talk sense about mental health? Comedians Rubberbandits have a serious message about Ireland ahead of the 1916 Easter Rising centenary celebrations.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Thursday, March 24, 2016