There's a good chance you've heard this story before, because it sounds crazy enough and also real enough to be convincing.

Someone's sitting in a restaurant, eating a plate of burger and chips, when out of nowhere appears Bill Murray - as in, Dr. Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters - who proceeds to take a handful of chips from said plate, eats them and then says, "Nobody will ever believe you."

Sadly, it seems that story just isn't true. In an interview with BBC Breakfast this morning, Bill Murray was quizzed on the urban myth and, finally, acknowledged that it was just made up. "I don't know if that really happened, but to me... there's nothing better than stealing piping hot french fries, that's living... they're free, they're right there, they're bonus potatoes," explained Murray.

As well as this, Murray also talked openly about another urban myth - namely that he doesn't have an agent and doesn't answer phones or the like. "I don't have to be available to everyone, I don't need all kinds of help - I need help, no question - but I don't need all kinds of help, and I don't need caretakers or minders, or a posse."

The story, for those that don't know, goes that Murray missed out on a number of juicy roles through the years owing to his unusual practice, but that now seems to be pretty well debunked. Granted, it still doesn't explain the whole Garfield thing.

Look it up. In the meantime, here's the interview with BBC Breakfast in full.