As with a lot of things in this US Presidential Election, once it goes under the scrutiny of the Internet and a little fact-checking is done, it all turns to sh*t.

While most of this effort has gone on disproving Trump's wild claims and bluster, it also turned a sharp eye on unsuspecting folk hero Ken Bone. The seemingly good-natured and cuddly-looking questioner at the previous US Presidential Debate became an overnight sensation, complete with t-shirts and an ad for Uber, as well.

What rankled a few people - one of them being Bill Maher - was that Bone was still undecided in this election cycle after pretty much everything that Trump had said, done and promised to do if elected. As you'll see in the clip below, Maher makes the point that if you're still undecided after all the crap that Trump's come out with, you might just be stupid.

Take a look.

Just to further push everyone out of the Bone Zone, as the Daily Dot sniffed out Ken Bone's Reddit history, which included him saying that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was "justified" and him leaving lots of sorta-creepy comments on porn threads. Oh, and he compared the massive celebrity photo hack of 2014 to having his wallet stolen for leaving it on top of his car.

So, what's the lesson from all of this? For one, internet fame is a cruel and terrible mistress and unless you're squeaky clean, everyone is to going to find out and everything you ever did or said. You might argue that Ken Bone had all this fame heaped on top of him without any doing of his own and that he wasn't ready for it.

Regardless of all this, the fact that he's STILL undecided in this election cycle should have spoken volumes.


Via YouTube / DailyDot