If you're one of the five people that isn't excited about the fact that The Force Awakens is FINALLY in cinemas as of today then you're probably feeling kind of alienated right now. 

You're seeing pictures all over Facebook of your mates dressed up in weird robes and queuing up outside every cinema around the country and are just like "I just don't get it."

Well you're not the only one. Bill Burr is in the same boat. He appeared on Conan O'Brien last night and was asked if he was excited about The Force Awakens and he describes how he missed Star Wars as a kid and only saw them as an adult and just never really understood its appeal. 

What's really funny is when Burr goes into detail about the movies he did watch as a kid, such as Scarface.

Non Star Wars fans. What say you? Does Burr nail your sentiments about the saga?

We chatted with Burr on the Manual podcast this week. You can listen to it here.

Via Uproxx