Not content with owning the most gossip column inches this year, touring all over the US and holding onto the title of biggest celebrity power couple in the world, Jay Z and Beyoncé have decided that what the planet needs is a short silent movie about the two of them and their 'Bonnie & Clyde' lives.

Let's firstly just state for the record that these two are the least Bonnie & Clyde-ish types in the world, unless you consider what they charge for their concerts daylight robbery (it's not, by the way, it's very much worth it), so that's the first hurdle to get over in watching this. And while it's covering the same ground as the rest of the promo for their 'On The Run' tour which ended in Paris on Saturday that we've seen before and has plenty of talented people involved, it's still pretty cringe. Jay Z putting his cigar out on someone's burger doesn't exactly scream 'gangster' now does it.

Let's just be glad that 'Bang Bang' is for the most part silent and nothing like the trailer for the tour that we saw earlier this year.

This is the first of three parts of the short that is debuting on Nowness this week and is under the helm of director Dikayl Rimmasch, so there'll be plenty more of the couple's 'filmic alter egos' this week. We'd stick to the day job lads, you're very good at it, there's no need to branch out anymore.

Via Nowness