The Zoolander actor appeared on Today yesterday morning with his surgeon, Dr Edward Schaeffer, to bring awareness to the disease.

Stiller also gave an update on his status saying he’s ‘doing great’ and ‘cancer-free’, though he also cautioned that it is something he will need to keep an eye on.

He explained that he showed no symptoms and has no family history of the disease. He was diagnosed in June 2014 and opted to have his prostate removed. He credits the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test he took with saving his life.

Dr Edward Schaeffer also talked about the controversy surrounding the disease as well as its different severities and side effects. The pair also talked with the host of Today about recent stats in relation to the disease.

Stiller ends by saying ‘if it’s up to me, every guy should go and get tested after the age of 40-45.’