Ben Affleck is touring around the talk shows at the moment promoting his latest movie, Gone Girl, and when he appeared on Bill Maher, he couldn't hep but get involved in one of the more serious topics of discussion. 

Maher had author Sam Harris on the show to discuss his new book Waking Up, and they began a discussion on the perceived inability to criticise Islam as a result of liberals labelling it as racist or offensive. 

As the discussion continued, Affleck had to get involved on something which he clearly feels strongly about, comparing the criticism of Islam or 'Islamophobia' to using the term "shifty Jew", and what followed was a rather long argument between him and Maher, with the occasional interjection from Harris and one of the other guests, Michael Steele. Things got pretty heated too as the exchanges between Maher and Affleck got louder and louder. 

Via Raw Story