Unless you're living under a rock, you'll have heard on the wind that Beyonce is gracing the cover of Vogue's hotly-anticipated September issue for 2015, and while there have previously been a few glimpses of the shoot, today brings us our first official behind the scenes look at the making of the iconic cover.

Titled 'The Unparalleled Reign of Beyoncé', Vogue's feature compares her to Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Cher, highlighting their history of creativity that Beyoncé has taken inspiration from in her "collage" approach to fashion and her art, before listing off the contemporaries that Beyoncé has surpassed, calling her "the ultimate streamed collage".

Vogue's preview of the article comes with quotes from Marc Jacobs ("The word diva is used for so many female performers, and it often means they have reputations for being difficult, but she exudes charm and a lovable quality"), Stella McCartney ("She’s the whole package: primal, rare, delicate, beautiful, and powerful" & "Her appeal crosses art forms, genders, and generations") and Ricardo Tisci ("There is a magnetic presence to her")


Via Vogue