Being a Breakfast DJ is no joke. You have to rouse yourself at Heartbreak O'Clock to twerk up a storm for an hour - only for your newly acquired Guinness World Record to be snatched by a particularly enthused colleague. Harsh. He did go to the bother of wearing shorts... just sayin'.

The 30-year-old broke the record for the longest duration of twerking after putting his tush to the test, but shortly after it was confirmed live on air that he'd set a new record it was revealed his pal Greg James had carried on twerking to set a better time.

Following the realisation that Nick's minutes-old record had been beaten on his Radio 1 breakfast show, he admitted he'd merely assumed Greg was only twerking alongside him to show his support. In shorts.

He quipped: "People think it's a joke but it's really horrible. I've been having twerking lessons for this. I thought that's so nice that he's supporting me. You know this is my dream, Greg? It's my lifelong dream. "

Greg replied: "I know, that's why revenge is sweet."

Nick also took to his Twitter account to reveal his disappointment at losing out to Greg...

The twerking attempt was official as a Guinness World Records adjudicator was in studio at the time. Tough job, but someone's got to do it. And, if the below vine is anything to go by, she seemed to enjoy herself.

A post on the organisation's official Twitter account even congratulated Nick on his achievement and posted pictures of him with his certificate.

The message read: 'A new Guinness World Records title - longest duration twerking for @grimmers on @R1Breakfast! #GrimmyTwerks (sic)'

But shortly afterwards another post on the account revealed Greg had set a new record.