If you are unfamiliar with the rather excellent meow game from Super Troopers, then you need to do something about that right meow. 

The game essentially consists of slipping the word meow into a conversation unnoticed, in a context where people are probably not going to call you out on it without ruining the whole conversation. That's why the rather boring and repetitive world of sports interviews is the perfect setting for playing the game. 

This week, professional Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals challenged team-mate and fellow pitcher Gio Gonzalez to play a round of the game in an interview at spring training, and the result was a glorious thing.

Even the touchline reporter gets in on the act, and Gonzalez is pretty happy with his total which was 11 by our account, 12 if you're adding in the reporter. A solid effort worthy of celebration.

Via SB Nation