There are times when the rage at a perceived injustice simply takes over your entire being and cannot be contained, and for Frisco Roughriders manager Joe Mikulik, that moment came earlier this week. 

The minor league baseball team were taking on the Midland RockHounds and the manager Joe Mikulik simply couldn't believe a decision that went against his team. In fairness, it did look to us like the catcher dropped the ball and the Frisco player slid safely into home plate.

His reaction did possibly go a bit over the top however, as not only did he throw his helmet and punt his shoe (as seen in the video) but he also threw a bin, a medicine ball, his shirt and some towels, none of which were captured on film. That means these are just the highlights of his outburst. 

Don't make him angry, you wouldn't like Mikulik when he's angry.

Via SB Nation