The ever elusive Banksy got caught on camera in Bristol this weekend planting some of his famous graffiti art on a piece of plywood on a wall in the British cit, but it wasn't there long before it was crowbarred off by the local boys club who now plan on selling it for a tidy profit.

The street artwork known as 'Phone Lovers' was posted on Banksy's own website on Monday, and discovered soon after on Clement Street in Bristol. However, it was only up for a couple of hours before Broad Plains Boys Club removed it and took it indoors where they are now displaying it in return for a donation to the ailing club.

Dennis Stinchcombe, the manager of Broad Plain Boys Club considers the artwork 'a gift' from Banksy and now hopes to sell it for hundreds of thousands of pounds which will save the club from closure.

 Watch below as the club defends its taking of the art, as well as the blurry CCTV of Banksy himself.

Via BBC/YouTube/Getty