It's less odd in practise than it sounds but it's still very, very odd.

Ever since  the invention of slow-motion video and sound, we've all marveled at the weird and wonderful effects it has on the human voice.

Only recently, with the addition of slow-mo video to Apple devices and Snapchat, have we truly embraced it and no more can that be displayed in this video of a stingray sliding down an aquarium wall while a baby cries in the background, slowed down so it sounds like the ray is wailing.

And whether it's because the slow-motion is funny or that the babies sound like whiny grown men when slowed down, it's clearly become a popular trend online, with hilarious babies cropping up all over the place.

All the knowledge in the world in one place, and this is what we do. God bless you, internet.

Via Mashable