They do say you should never work with children, animals or nail guns...

Hosting a morning TV show is undoubtedly a difficult job. You have to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning, you have to come up with plenty of inane banter to keep the show flowing and you also have to get involved in some of the acts that get booked for the show.

That's what Sarah Harris, who works on Australian morning show Studio 10, was up to this morning when she almost shot herself in the face with a nail gun. The segment involved some form of magician or performer, but since he was wearing a blindfold, he couldn't see the impending doom that could have ended the career of everyone in the room pretty quickly.

Sarah did, thankfully, reveal later on her Twitter that the gun wasn't loaded, and she seems to be taking internet celebrity in good spirits, adding "not great with power tools" to her Twitter bio.

Via Hypervocal