We've never been on a live TV game show before, so we can only imagine that you feel the pressure and the nerves can get to you a little bit. 

That has to be the only excuse for this poor contestant on Millionaire Hot Seat (which looks pretty much like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) who went home after just one question. 

As we all know, the first one is always the easiest question, to get you in to the swing of things, but for Whitney Beseler, it was just a hurdle too far as she managed to get it completely wrong and miss out on not only the $100 that it was worth but also the chance to progress further in to the game and win some serious cash. 

She was asked "Which of these is not a piece of jewellery commonly worn to symbolise a relationship between two people?", with four options to choose from: anniversary ring, engagement ring, wedding ring and burger ring. She chose anniversary ring, locked in her answer, and then realised her terrible mistake. 

It will take a while for her to live this one down...

Via Mashable