Australians are known for having a pretty laid back attitude to most things but we didn't think that extended to near death experiences involving crocodiles as well. 

18 year old Lee de Paauw from Queensland, Australia was trying to impress a British backpacker he'd met on a night out so he decided the best way to do that would be to swim in the nearby river which is known to be infested by crocodiles. 

de Paauw's reported logic behind the move was that Australian natives were less likely to get eaten by crocodiles than people from other countries. Unfortunately his theory proved to be unfounded as he was set upon by a crocodile seconds after getting into the water. 

However, as local station 9 News found out, the brush with death didn't really seem to phase de Paauw who thought it was all worth it to win a date with the British tourist. 

Haters gonna hate.