If you're any way squeamish or, y'know, the sight of blood makes you queasy - best look away now.

Georgia Page, an Australian student currently studying in America's prestigious Lindenwood College can add a new title to her list - official War Goddess of Rugby.

In a recent match-up against Notre Dame, Page made an impressive tackle and managed to stop the advance with her full-on defense.

Unfortunately, her devastating spear managed to mess up her face and resulted in a severely broken nose.

Did she give a s**t? Absolutely not. Page CONTINUED playing, despite the fact half her face was covered in blood.

Seriously, do not f**k with an Australian when it comes to rugby. Those people live on a continent where just about every animal is designed to kill you stone dead.

Their national hero, Steve Irwin, was STABBED IN THE HEART WITH A MORAY. Crocodile Dundee is a real-life person who lives amongst them. Seriously. Australians. They mean business.


Via YouTube