Oh Australia, you be crazy. Julia Gillard, the Aussie Prime Minister, was visiting a school in Brisbane on Wednesday when one enterprising young anarchist decided to show his dissent by throwing a sandwich at her.

Unfortunately the suspected sandwich thrower Kyle Thomson was caught rapid and suspended for three weeks, although he is claiming some conspiracy theory BS and saying that he was actually preventing someone else from throwing a sandwich and it's all a big set up. Either way, Australia is losing their shit over this and it's hilarious.

PM Gillard took it in her stride and was quite light-hearted about the whole thing, but that's probably because she didn't get smacked in the face with half a loaf of Vegemite. Mother of the accused Thomson had this choice quote about her though.

'I mean I’m sure she’s had more than a sandwich thrown at her throughout her life.'

And here's us thinking Summer Heights High was an exaggeration.