Well someone's doing their level best to act like Karen Smith from Mean Girls and embody the full use of their assets. Except instead of predicting the weather with her chest, Ke$ha has decided to be more musical and use her mammaries to tinkle the ivories.

On a visit to Capital FM London's breakfast show, Ke$ha, never one to mince her words or be in any way demure, took up the offer for a musical session from Dave Berry with one prerequisite. Apparently, the ghost-riding, crotch-thrusting singer lets her breasts decide the chord progression of her songs, and demonstrated it live on air for all of London, and now the world, to hear.

'The way I wrote songs is a little different. I always let my breasts choose the chord progression. I'm really going to let you in to this intimate process and I'm really just going to let them shine.' Classy. And we can expect even more classiness out of her royal filthiness as she's about to get her own documentary, titled Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. We would have other choice adjectives but each to their own.