You remember Art Attack right? The much loved CITV show which which encouraged children to draw, paint and paper mache to their heart’s content.

Perhaps the best part about the show was host Neil Buchanan and his iconic catchphrases "Here's one I made earlier." and "Now try it for yourself."  We never did try it for ourselves but we appreciated that Neil thought that we could. 

Since the show ended in 2007, after a seventeen year run, Buchanan has embarked on a new career that's a far cry from his colouring pen days. He's the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band called Marseille

Buchanan formed the group in his native Liverpool back in 1976. They won the UK Battle Of The Bands at Wembley in 1977. A contest judged by Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen. 

The band reformed in 2008 and it seems to be Buchanan's main focus these days. 

As odd as it is to see the same man from our childhood rocking out on stage, you can't help but feel that it fits so well? 

Via The Sun