In one of his most destructive decisions yet (and there have been many) Trump decided this week that America would pull out of the Paris Accord - the climate agreement signed by almost every country in the world to mitigate global warning - cos, you know, who needs the planet?

His decision has left a lot of people angry, one such person being the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzener, who hasn't been shy about letting the president know what he thought about him since he got into office. The former governor of California posted a video message on his Facebook to President Trump where he shared his thoughts on the decision and called on people to ignore Washington and do what they can on a grassroots level to protect the planet. He even slipped a Terminator reference in there, saying:

"One man cannot destroy our progress. One man can’t stop our clean energy revolution. And one man can’t go back in time. Only I can do that. President Trump says he’s pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement. My message to you, Mr. President is that as a public servant and especially as president your first and most important responsibility is to protect the people.

“200,000 people die every year in the U.S. from air pollution. Half our rivers and streams are too polluted for our health."

Arnie went on to say: "Please, Mr. President, choose the future. No one remembers the people who told Mr. Kennedy not to go to the moon. We remember the great leaders. …You see, the people will rise up. Local and state government will rise up. Other leaders from local governments will rise up and fill the void that you are creating."

Already the video has been viewed over 48 million times.

Watch below: