It seems what Ariana Grande is willing to discuss about her love life depends a mostly on who's asking. 

The 23 year old star appeared on Ryan Seacrest's early morning radio show when the host broached the topic of her love life by referencing a recent Instagram post of the singer with her rumoured boyfriend Mac Miller. 

Grande was having none of it though, essentially shutting Seacrest down before he even got started. 

Her reaction to being asked about Miller by Seacrest is a start contrast to how she handled being asked about it on Ellen.

DeGeneres brought up Grande's relationship with Miller before quickly adding: "Let's talk about your love life. Can we? Do you mind?"

Grande's reaction was one more of embarrassment than anything else and although she revealed very little about her relationship, she certainly wasn't shutting Ellen down over the whole thing.

So why so open with Ellen and not Seacrest? We guess it's because Ellen actually asked a question rather than making a statement. Then had the manners to ask if she minded talking about it. 

They key takeaway overall is that Ellen is more charming than Ryan Seacrest. With lines like "He was your homie and now he's living in your homie." how can you not be?

Via Digital Spy