She's just just good for licking doughnuts intended for public consumption, ya know?! We're not sure why, but this video - posted to Fallon's youtube page this morning - is guaranteed to brighten up your day no end. Just close your eyes, recline (not too much, if you're in the office, lest you draw attention to yourself) and let the soothing yet invigorating tones of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Sting and Aaron Neville wash over you. Yes, Aaron Neville. 

OK, so the Britney bit is more bound to put you to sleep, but we guess that's just a reflection of how much Ariana respects her as a vocalist. 

Speaking of doughnut licking, Ariana appeared on Good Morning America yesterday morning and made her first on air apology regarding the incident, which took place last July.

The singer said: "First of all, I mean, my behavior was very offensive, and I apologized. There’s no excuse or there’s nothing to justify it... As human beings we all say and do things that we don’t mean at all sometimes, and we have to learn from it. I think one of the biggest things I learned from that was what it feels like to disappoint so many people who love and believe in you, and that’s an excruciating feeling."