A bunch of Argentina fans who were on a plane when the World Cup semi-final went to extra-time were pretty happy to find out their side had won. 

Argentina and Holland played out a boring game on Wednesday night, but if you were supporting one of the sides involved, it was more than likely incredibly tense. One group of fans departing from the city of Neuquen in particular felt the tension, as they had to watch the game in the airport cafeteria as their flight got ready to take off.

With extra-time about to start, they had to board, and eventually they took off, while the game in Brazil was still going on. It was up to the captain to keep them informed, and he duly told them that the game had gone to penalties.

Deciding that he would either capture tragedy or joy, YouTube user Facundo de la Cruz decided to start recording what was, as he commented to the person next to him, "the worst flight of his life". As they travelled 12,000 metres above the ground, the captain informed them that Argentina had won. They celebrated a little bit.

Mostly they were shouting 'vamos!', before breaking into a rendition of a song that the Argentine fans have been singing all tournament which asks 'Brazil, tell me how does it feel, to have your daddy in your house'...

That's what it used to be like before the internet, young people who are reading this. There was no Twitter, there was no Facebook; everyone was told all the breaking news they needed to know by airline pilots. It was a cumbersome system but we got by, dammit. We got by.

Via BreakingNews.ie