Anna Faris and Chris Pratt remain the cutest Hollywood couple. That is the takeaway from all of this.

You could try and hate them, but that would just be a waste of time because apart from being brilliant individually, they are beyond that when combined. While on The Ellen Show Faris and DeGeneres tried to prank Pratt with a good old fashioned 'I'm being arrested' call but ended up with his voicemail (and almost sharing his number with the world).

Faris then went on to gush about her good life choices in landing Pratt as her other half, and it almost makes you nauseous but then she manages to reel it in.

Unfortunately we don't get to hear how Pratt took the news that his wife was being arrested but fingers crossed he has some form of response up his sleeve when he presents Saturday Night Live this weekend. And who knew Ellen could be one cold-ass assistant on the phone. She really doesn't like having her schtick being interrupted.