We all have travel horror stories, but this one probably trumps yours by a country mile.

Anna Faris, half of one of our favourite celeb couples ever, told the tale of long haul travel with her young son that is every parent's nightmare to Jimmy Kimmel last night, but her's contained the added celebrity touch of a cameo from one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

According to Faris, she was flying back from visiting husband Chris Pratt on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy in London with their young son when he began making babbling noises in the cabin on the plane, as babies are wont to do. And instead of stoically putting in some earplugs or headphones, one fellow passenger decided that he would encourage the child to be silent by shushing him. And that passenger was Mickey Rourke.

Faris is notably scarred by the interaction, but at least she has a story out of it.

Non-parents and travelers of the world take note. Most parents realise that their child is doing what they're doing on the plane/train/whatever, so take a minute before you turn into a Mickey Rourke type asshole and put yourself in their shoes. So you've to deal with a toddler making noise for a solid few hours? Think of the parents who have to deal with it all the time and are probably exhausted, and then consider whether or not your chastising is going to help anyone.

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