That's one way of getting Angelina Jolie to take a selfie with you... It's not quite getting yourself into a horrendous and life threatening car crash on the M40 in a bid to meet The Script, but it comes a close second. 

This here Angelina Jolie fan subjected herself to four hours waiting in subzero temperatures in New York outside The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Angelina - who was obviously appearing on the show - apparently spotted Techne away from the MENTAL crowd (seen here on YouTube) after "falling ill" and was quick to brighten up her day by taking a selfie.

According to The Independent, the 39-year-old actress "made sure the fan got an up-close glimpse and she knelt on the pavement to take a selfie with them and even wiped a tear from their eye as they cried during the excitement." Crap, we just assumed Techne was female, but we could obviously be wrong. There's a lot of layers going on. 

After Angelina finally made it into the building, Jon Stewart gazed wistfully into her eyes (around the 4 minute mark) as he imagined what life would've been like had she married him instead of Brad...

"Ever since I met you about 20 years ago on set, I thought, 'This person has talent coming out of everywhere (steady on, Jon). You meet certain people and you go, 'This person embodies something different, special.' I've always thought that about you... If you'd ended up with me instead of Brad Pitt, our portmanteau - Stewart and Jolie - would have been 'Stolie'. We could have been a vodka brand."

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