Dominic Inglot, a team-mate of Andy Murray for the Davis Cup, was probably in the dog house after the Scot reveled on live TV that he had a 'side chick' on the go in Glasgow.

Speaking to Eurosport presenter Annabel Croft after securing a victory over the US, Murray was asked how they would celebrate the win, and said that they might have a drink, and that "Dom's got a little girlfriend on the go here so he'll maybe celebrate with her this evening".

He appeared to be oblivious to the fact that the girl of which he spoke was not meant to be public knowledge, as Inglot already had a girlfriend who was probably unaware of this second woman in Glasgow. Inglot couldn't believe it, repeating "You've actually landed me in this" a few times, before stating that "I've actually got a girlfriend who's going to be watching this".

At least Andy found it funny, anyway.