It started so well and then Garfield said he condemns the concept of a "movie star" and doesn't consider himself to be one and it all went downhill from there.

Andrew Garfield sat down to talk about his new film 'Breathe' with Stephen Colbert last night and even though he eventually got around to talking about it, the interview fell off the rails so early that try as he might, not even Garfield's media training could save it.

It all started when Garfield got pretty heady while chatting to the 'Late Show' host about the idealism of celebrity and people being put on pedestals because of their fame, which is a very valid and understandable conversation to have, but when Colbert brought up Garfield's Spider-Man past, the actor made a bit of a fumble that makes us think it wasn't his favourite project to work on.

Watch below and judge for yourself. It all starts around 3:40 in.