Andrew Garfield has revealed that he experienced his idea of heaven during preparation for his role in Martin Scorsese's religious epic, Silence

In an interview with W Magazine, Garfield spoke about having a year to prepare for the role and how he spent it praying to "a power greater than himself."

It was during said year that Garfield experienced his idea of 'heaven' when he and eight of his closest friends ate some pot brownies and spent the day in Disneyland for his 29th birthday. 

“How about Space Mountain three times in a row. I freaked out on It’s a Small World. I was like, ‘it is – it is a f*cking small world – it’s a f*cking – it’s a really f*cking small world guys, is anyone else seeing how small it is?’ Amazing. Amazing.”

It may not be everyone's idea of heaven but it sure sounds like a lot of fun to us.