She also opened the show with a standup set and did strange things with a banana. Because reasons.

Madonna brought her 'Rebel Heart' tour to New York's Madison Square Garden last night and as an added bonus she treated her fans to an opening set from comedian of the moment Amy Schumer. 

But that wasn't all Schumer did. After her standing ovation from the crowd, Schumer made a reappearance during Madonna's set, popping up on stage during 'Unapologetic Bitch' and getting a thorough seeing to by Madonna.

In a rehash of what she did to Diplo last week, Madonna invited Schumer up on stage to be that night's 'Unapologetic Bitch' while pretending to not know who she was before spanking her, kicking her and humping her.

She then led Schumer up to the top of the stage before giving Schumer a dance solo, in which she chose to twerk and flail to her heart's content. Madonna then rewarded her with a 'sock bitch' and a banana before telling her she was going to hell. Nice.