Many of the most respected artistes of our generation have written odes to and epic works about the hindquarters of the female of the species; from the Black Eyed Peas asking us what indeed we intend to do with all the excess material located within our trunks to Sir Mix-A-Lot's proclamation of love for only the largest of glutes, it does seem that the people in the public eye are talking about the ass an awful lot. 

Amy Schumer is a comedian who likes to discuss body image and why pop culture seems to be obsessed with it, so in a promo for the latest series of her show, she decided to produce a track that tells it like it is and reminds everyone that "this is where my poop comes out". Not incredibly subtle, but it gets the message across. 

Don't worry though, it's not all about poop and bums, there's also a puppy drinking some milk in the video too. Amy knows what the people want, you have to give her that. 

Via BuzzFeed