It's quite common for some fans at sporting events to get a bit rowdy.

Anyone who's been to Croke Park during the Championship can attest to this. Generally however, most sporting fans would avoid setting themselves on fire. 

This is how one Buffalo Bill's fan decided to set himself apart from the herd. 

As you can see from the video below, a picnic video that was being used by some tailgating fans had been broken and for some reason lit on fire. As if that wasn't wild enough, one fan decided to make things really interesting. 

We're really not sure what to be most concerned about, the fact that the fan who was on fire thought that the best way to put the fire on his body out was to jump back on the table that was still on fire, or the fact that onlookers thought pouring beer on top of him would be more effective. 

In any case we're glad they had a good time.