Jesus. Tap-dancing. Christ. Lest you ever think that Mixed Martial Arts is anything other than the most extreme form of man-to-man combat, here's a video of one guy getting his eye kicked out of his head by an opponent.

Yes. His actual eye.

This unregulated amateur fight between Alan Greys and Jose Johnston went down on Saturday in Michigan, and ended in a TKO after Johnston landed a kick to the side of Greys' head that sent his prosthetic eye out of his skull and onto the floor. According to the video description: "The eye was of course prosthetic, as can be seen in the fact that it rolled in a circle, rather than a straight line. Human eyes are circular, and thus would tend to roll straight; prosthetic eyes are more oblong, and would roll as seen."

Thank God we have eye experts on hand to let us know what's real and what's not. Now excuse us while we curl up into the fetal position and never look at the internet again.