Did she just say that?

British astronaut Tim Peake returned from the International Space Station (ISS) in June 2016 following a six-month expedition aboard the habitable artificial satellite.

On the ISS he went on spacewalks, repaired various equipment, completed science experiments and even ran the London marathon on a treadmill.

He’s been giving talks and doing media appearances on and off since then and we’re sure he’s been asked some crazy questions. But this has got to be up there-

“Did you bring a piece of the moon back with you?” asked the This Morning presenter. For those of you wondering, the ISS is about 250,000 miles from the moon.

In fairness to Tim Peake he answered politely and moved on. Nevertheless, the question had the internet in hysterics-

If ever this meme was suitable-

At least Amanda saw the funny side too-

Via: The Telegraph