OK, not so much 'scared', more 'Just for the love of Gawd do whatever Alison asks otherwise she may point at you aggressively if you try to talk to her while dancing.' To put it another way, we've never seen Anna Faris more muted. Then again, she could just be in awe of Alison's 'occupational' inspired dance moves. They are quite something. Here is C. J. Cregg off The West Wing getting her serious disco on, Stewardess stylee...

News just in; Anna looks partially petrified because herself and Allison are due to host The People's Choice Awards live tonight - a prospect she's not entirely relishing.

According to CBC News: 'Anna Faris sums up her feelings about the People's Choice Awards in a single word. "Terror," says the actress, who will co-host the 41st annual awards, airing live Wednesday from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, with her Mom co-star Allison Janney. 'We don't know what we're doing,' Janney added as she sat with Faris for a brief interview recently on the set of their CBS sitcom. 'We've never hosted a show before. I think they're crazy for having picked us. And we're going to prove it,' Janney continued with a laugh as Faris giggled beside her..."

Very best of luck, Anna. If it all goes bits up, you can always join Allison in an impromptu occupational dance of choice.