The Super Bowl may want you to think it's all about the sporting action, but we all know what it's really about. Product placement. And here's what the biggest companies in the world dropped mega-bucks on to try and sell their wares during last night's game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

Coca-Cola tried to take on internet trolls and make the world a better place (when in reality spilling Coke on the internet would just result in no internet for anyone), Doritos stole an old Simpsons joke, Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler teamed up to show off making calls over Wi-Fi, Fiat made a dick joke, McDonald's wants you to pay for your food with love (whatever that means) and Walter White made a comeback. A very mixed bag overall.

But the ad you have to see is Nationwide Insurance's, who decided that the best way to sell their product was by depressing everyone and terrifying parents everywhere.

Beyond grim. You can check out the rest of the Super Bowl ads that have everyone talking today below.