Like most, having unsolicited pictures of penises sent your way isn't something that Alison Brie is fond of and if you believe her horror story of using Twitter drunk, you may just never use the internet again.

Alison Brie was on The Late Late Show with James Corden and Jeremy Renner last night when talked turned, as it does, to the internet and dick pics and the amount of unwanted ones that come her way. Turns out she's a little bit responsible but her tale of how that came to be serves as a fable for using any internet device after a few scoops.

Brie also went on to talk about safe words, and how Jason Sudeikis, her costar in the upcoming 'Sleeping With Other People', can make any word dirty which we have to admit it quite the talent. Olivia Wilde's day-to-day life must be unbearable.