It’s so gross-looking and yet we can’t look away.

The viral phenomenon is more traditionally known as Nauli, but has been dubbed the name ‘alien yoga’ of late. It’s been around for ages, though it isn’t traditionally taught in Western yoga classes, but has really kicked off all over the internet in the last number of weeks.

The traditional yoga move involves exhaling completely, isolating the abdomen and pulling it under the ribcage. Many have taken it a step further - the abdominal muscles are contracted and released to create a side-by-side rolling motion.

The technique is thought to promote digestion and strengthen the core, and according to, can be mastered by a person of any fitness level.

According to the Independent, it is also thought to have endless benefits including improving willpower and emotional stability, correcting hormone imbalances and keeping your organs in shape. However, experts warn that it should only be attempted alongside a qualified yoga instructor as, if done improperly, the intense contractions could cause discomfort and even minor injury.




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