Alexander Skarsgard stars as Tarzan for the upcoming eponymous Warner Brothers movie.

And needless to say, this Scandinavian dreamboat gets more than a little shredded for the role, even managing to get those lines on either side of his, erm, 'area', from which you could literally grate cheese off. But Skarsgard is a humble sort of bloke who, thankfully for us mere mortals, admits that arriving at that film-ready physique saw him almost lose the will to live more than once on his eight-month shape-up journey. Whilst chatting with Steven Colbert, the actor remembers his gruelling, mind-numbing daily choice of either chicken or salmon. But one day, his hard-ass trainer saw that he was on the brink of insanity when he decided to let him off with a trip to an Italian restaurant. Watching Skarsgard well up at the thought of getting to feast on pizza and pasta will endear you to him even more.