Former Vice President and once Presidential candidate Al Gore has been doing the rounds on media lately promoting his new film An Inconvenient Sequel (the follow-up to his 2006 Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth) and book of the same name.

Gore appeared on MSNBC this week and was asked at one point about the Trump administration.

Now as we all know, in recent weeks, there has been so much controversy, staff turnover and crazy news coming from the Trump White House that it feels like a TV series so that is just what he compared it to.

Host Chris Hayes remarked “there are a lot of people who say ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’” but Gore found a point of comparison, and remarked: "Last week, somebody said it was like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones with people coming and going and 'I'm gonna fire everybody.' It was really wild."

Chris Hayes asked Gore, “Do you watch that like everyone else and just say, ‘What the heck is going on?'” to which Gore laughed and responded, “You talking about Game of Thrones or the White House?”

Gore continued: “Yeah, sure. It’s deeply troubling. And for me, the most troubling part of it is that it serves as a set of constant distractions from the problems we should be addressing. Nothing’s getting done.”

Watch it here: